Check Me Out In Mastodon's Latest Music Video!
My Greatest Achievement & A True Honor
On Supreme Justice With Judge Karen
Check me out in Mastodon's latest music video "High Road". I was lucky enough to dress up as a lurking goblin/witch doctor and LARP for around 10 hours with a bunch of other creatures/archers/knights. I'm in a few shots (you'll see the orange hair flailing about. Also have a death by noodle scene at 1:55, but epic shot is at  3:45 when you'll catch me in full attire waving my heart goodbye. Don't forget to pick up their latest CD "Once More Round The Sun"
Skip to 11:30 to see my case, in which you'll see me playing out my first acting gig as Justin Webb. Justin Webb, a 24 year old still living at home with his mother is Sueing poor 60 year old Edith Cook for $5000. Why? Because Edith Cook's vicious pet geese attacked justin. "Out for blood
Your honor" as Webb would say. Will he win the $5000?, Stay Tuned.
To this day I can't believe this exists! But it does! This is a video of myself watching the premiere of Pantera's last music video "Piss" At The 2012 Golden God Awards. When they first told me I got into the video, I thought it was going to be a mere 3sec clip, and was freaking out about that alone. But no, no, my friends. I got to witness myself personally introducing the video, a few cuts in the middle, then ending it as dime squeal's and goes "Let That Mother Fucker Sing Baby!"
Welcome to RLSHOW.COM, The Official website of Richard W.B. Leigh. I was born in a crusty little city called Rochester, NY where I spent most of my youth filming bizarre skits. My often dark & twisted sense of humor pokes out way too often and usually gets me into heaps of trouble. I became "internet famous" back in the early 2000's for a few parodies and fucking microwavable freezer pizzas.
         Eventually I would join a few bands and jerk off, get pissed on, smash equipment, or shit on stage...GG Allin esq. Type of performances. I also work on some weird stop-motion films. In 2010 one of these films after being re-cut won me 2nd place in a Alice In Chains/MTV video contest judged by the band themselves.
        In 2012 you might have noticed me on Revolver's Golden God Awards opening and closing Pantera's Last music video "piss" To this day I can't believe that. In 2013 I moved out to Los Angeles, California to pursue my childhood of dream of obtaining my own show someday.
        I am now 27 years old and looking to continue to share my wild ride with you all, hopefully keeping you all entertained. Also I recently wrote my first book entitled "The Abbots Of Unreason" which covers most of my life up to my move out here & then some. I've always done almsot everything with myself, I thank those that have held the camera, on a very low or no budget. If you enjoy what you see and would like to support me, please head on over to the store and pick up some Merch, as that is the only way I ever make any money off this passion I've created, It would be greatly apprecieated. Thank you & Enjoy! Namaste!
2004-2016, Richard W.B. Leigh, All Rights Reserved.
Check me out in this vape ad For 311
Getting Naked For Glassjaw
La Fancy Vs. Hollywood
Check me out in this commercial I was in for the band 311's new Vape product: The Grassroots Uplifter. Catch me at  0:38 on the far right running towards the net and again at 0:52 shooting some hoops as La Fancy. You'll see me as the ball drops trying to rebound that sucker! Smoking BluntZ All Day With P-nut!
Probably one of my favorite times ever getting naked and storming the stage for a National act. Glassjaw played at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, California....and I couldn't help but hop the gat, storm the stage and Pay worship/Tribue to the guys! See me hop the gate at 1:12!
I recently spent three months homeless out in Los Angeles continuing to try and get this "american Dream" we all ponder over! I ended up landing a few gigs that ended up being scams, so I did what La Fancy does best and filmed myself being a dipshit exposing them!