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Episode 1
Episode 2
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Episode 9
Skits include: Do you trust these eyes, Candy Cane Surprise, I found a newport, Robbers caught on tape, Dorks with armor, & Being a jackass on christmas.
Skits include: You Childmolester, Andy Milonakis Parody, Throwing cat poop at my sister, Andy Fourm, Ebaumsworld Package
Special Guest: Festival Guy
Skits include: Violent Rape, Play with your baby, Locked my mom in the basement, How RL eats a reeses, Bus ride, Hiding fun, Love mail, & Just got out of jail.
Skits include: At The Zoo, 50 Cent Parody, COD Berry Juice, John Esquire, Christmas Dinner at the Leigh House.
Special Guest: MC LARS
Skits include: Clean that kitchen floor boy,
Granny Panies, Smoke weed?, I'm Pauly Shore, Going Super Sayian, & Licking a
Dogs bleeding asshole.
Skits include: Save the cardinals, Silent hill
parody, Fire hydrant ass wash, Passed out,
Daddy song, Pooping off the table in front of my sis, First solo live show.

Special Guest: DC Comic Illustrator
Skits include: Wrestlemania, Artis The Poetic Hobo, Message to Bloods & Crips, Good times in Canada, & You're gonna get shot.
Skits include: Ya got the same hair, Viva La Bam parody, Earl McMayhem getting lit up.
Special Guest: ANAL CUNT
Skits include: Mr. Socko, depressed
nerd, asshole squad, & last of all- The infamous Pizza Skit.

Special Guest: Tom Green
Episode 10
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Episode 17
"The Richard Leigh Show";
The original clips that started it all and sprung me into internet fame and disgraced my entire family. When producing this show I was aiming for a completely vulgar, twisted, offensive comedy show that could not be ignored...as far as I am convinced I pulled that off to a certain degree..especially for a 14-18 yr old kid. Looking back at all these videos I consider it to be really shamefully hilarious footage. So here it is, Most of my teenage years, containing most of my well known clips, enjoy.

GRUMPKIN DVD BY RICHARD LEIGH from Richard Leigh on Myspace.

[My first DVD ever, released in 2005.]