Season 1
[age 14-18]

   Season 1 of "The Richard Leigh Show";
The original clips that started it all and sprung me into internet fame and disgraced my entire family. When producing this show I was aiming for a completely vulgar, twisted, offensive comedy show that could not be far as I am convinced I pulled that off to a certain degree..especially for a 14-18 yr old kid. Looking back at all these videos I consider it to be really shameful footage. So here it is Season 1
containing most of my well known clips, enjoy.
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Skits include: Do you trust these eyes, Candy Cane Surprise, I found a newport, Robbers caught on tape, Dorks with armor, & Being a jackass on christmas.
Skits include: You Childmolester, Andy Milonakis Parody, Throwing cat poop at my sister, Andy Fourm, Ebaumsworld Package
Special Guest: Festival Guy
Skits include: Violent Rape, Play with your baby, Locked my mom in the basement, How RL eats a reeses, Bus ride, Hiding fun, Love mail, & Just got out of jail.
Skits include: At The Zoo, 50 Cent Parody, COD Berry Juice, John Esquire, Christmas Dinner at the Leigh House.
Special Guest: MC LARS
Skits include: Clean that kitchen floor boy,
Granny Panies, Smoke weed?, I'm Pauly Shore, Going Super Sayian, & Licking a
Dogs bleeding asshole.
Skits include: Save the cardinals, Silent hill
parody, Fire hydrant ass wash, Passed out,
Daddy song, Pooping off the table in front of my sis, First solo live show.

Special Guest: DC Comic Illustrator
Skits include: Wrestlemania, Artis The Poetic Hobo, Message to Bloods & Crips, Good times in Canada, & You're gonna get shot.
Skits include: Ya got the same hair, Viva La Bam parody, Earl McMayhem getting lit up.
Special Guest: ANAL CUNT
Skits include: Mr. Socko, depressed
nerd, asshole squad, & last of all- The infamous Pizza Skit.

Special Guest: Tom Green
Copyright 2004-2014, Richard W.B. Leigh, All Rights Reserved
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The Original Richard Leigh Show Series