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2004-2014, Richard W.B. Leigh, All Rights Reserved.
About The Book - Look into the life of a Madman.

This book contains poetry, dreams, drunk-rants, stories, and a brief over-look of the life of a 25 year old male, trying to make sense of his own obscure life. No one is safe and nothing is sacred. It is brutal honesty with a twisted sense of humor on the rawest of grounds. Many demons will be revealed and most of my deepest secrets come to light. A kid who cries for revolution and seeks revenge on free-will. A man who has ran around naked for years in his hometown, stage crashing many national bands. An entertainer who has bled, shit, and jerked off on stage for the simple goal of making those watching feel uncomfortable. A questioning human that
has evolved from white trash. A decade of writings, thoughts, and experiences all had to go somewhere. Hands on the Bible. The smirks are retribution.
The book is split into seven sections:

1. Introduction - A brief overlook of my entire life up to this point

2. Poetry - 40 of my best poems I've written over the past decade

3. Dreams - A log of 20 bizarre dreams I wrote down between ages 18-21

4. Drunk Rants - 20 thought provoking rants I've written while intoxicated

5. Excerpts - A few excerpts of dialog taken from my live shows/films/bands

6. Stories - 20 Stories that have really stuck out in my life

7. Conclusion - A recollection of the whole book, coming to terms with how I've grown, and my theory on life in general.
The Abbots Of Unreason By Richard W.B. Leigh
Penis Shit Pile - Family Fine Tuning CD
40 Tracks of Rochester, NY's Silliest grindcore band spanning over an hour.
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